Aragonite (Calcium)

Raw Aragonite is ground sea shells like Mollusk or Oyster. It is used as a soil amendment to add calcium and trace minerals to the soil. It also does not raise or lower the PH level in the soil. Most people use lime for their calcium needs, it’s cheap and does add calcium. It also raises PH levels in the soil, which is fine if the PH is low. Most of the soil I’ve had tested in the Hagerstown area has been just below or right at PH level 7. Grass likes the soil between 6.2 and 6.8. Weeds like PH levels to be above 7. Trying to reduce chemical pesticide use, I do not want to raise PH levels and give weeds any advantage. Weeds don’t like calcium. Calcium won’t kill weeds, it just helps deter weeds. Raw Aragonite is rich in sea trace minerals, and micro-nutrients like zinc, sulfur and boron. It also has aerobic bacteria which will fixate nitrogen, raw nitrogen N2 is ingested by the bacteria, leaving nitrates in the soil. Nitrates are very stable in the soil and does not disseminate into the air like chemical nitrogen. Plants also need calcium for cellular development to grow.