Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are made of, you guessed it, organic material. Such as feather meal, blood meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, corn gluten meal, to name a few. These feed the microorganisms in the soil. There are other natural amendments like gypsum, limestone, elemental sulfur, that help adjust ph levels. Organic fertilizers are slow release to allow steady absorption by the plants. You can apply anytime of year without worrying about burning the lawn. More expensive that the synthetics most people shy away from them, but the organic fertilizers are safe for the soil, plants, animals, people, and the environment and the synthetics are not. Would you spend a little more for the safety of your family and neighbors? Over time, you don’t have to fertilize as often as you would with synthetics (4-6 times per year). Once the soil is in balance, it just needs a few maintenance feedings to keep the nitrogen up. The synthetic fertilizers kill the soil, so there are no microorganisms to break down the natural nutrients that are already in the soil. The plants become dependant on the synthetic fertilizer and the natural process has stopped.


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